Companies divest for a variety of reasons; let PSC Investments help you achieve your end goal. Whether it be to generate cash, enhance stability, re-focus resources, or ensure regulatory compliance, our team will shorten the negotiation time-frame while mitigating value destruction to get the desired result for your company. We help both buyers and sellers conduct preparatory due diligence to identify risks, alternatives, sale parameters, and potential concerns so that both sides are thoroughly prepared. We help prepare preliminary and closing financial and operational information as well as all aspects of the contract and negotiation process and regulatory filings. By developing a clear plan with realistic benchmarks and objective analyses, we streamline the negotiation process to save time, increase buyer confidence, and help you get the desired price for the sale.

Divestiture Services at PSC include:

  • Diagnostic due diligence
  • Seller due diligence
  • Preparatory due diligence
  • Sell-Side due diligence
  • Regulatory filing support
  • Market Fundamentals Analysis
  • Valuations (performance metrics (EBITDA))
  • Exit Strategy Formation
  • Transaction Preparation (regulatory filings, preliminary financial and operational information, contract negotiation, tax and legal issues)
  • Extensive preliminary research, analysis, & due diligence
  • Formulation of deal thesis
  • Formulation of objectives and deadlines with structured benchmarks
  • Mentoring programs