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Strategic Advisory

PSC Investments can provide your company with all the services needed to successfully launch a project or product from start to finish. Whether you are seeking ways to improve corporate performance, streamline workflows, gain a competitive advantage in existing or novel markets, or plan to launch a new strategy or product at a regional or global level, the experienced team at PSC Investments is there for you. Our team of experienced consultants will help you develop and implement effective strategies to increase your competitive advantages and drive business value while enhancing the quality of your services.

PSC Investments can identify strategic investors to expand your production capabilities in global markets. We provide our clients with a competitive advantage by utilizing our standing relationships with venture capitalists, angel investors, and business development professionals worldwide. Let PSC Investments identify the widest variety of opportunities for investments, growth, diversification, and value maximization for your business. We can identify novel market segments and other opportunities to increase the profitability of existing pipelines and projects as well as facilitate the development of innovative ventures. We also work with our clients to generate business plans, teasers, and presentation materials to effectively sell and promote your company’s strategic vision.

Investments, Mergers, & Acquisitions

At PSC Investments we understand that every potential merger or acquisition deal is different – so is our approach.  The complexity of combining companies, products, and cultures requires a compound, structured integration plan and a dedicated leadership in order to avoid the pitfalls of poor integration and other internal challenges that detract from the end goal. Whether your company is seeking to promote organizational growth, access new markets or innovation opportunities, increase shareholder value, reduce costs and competition, or is diversifying to stabilize, our experienced consultants have the talents and expertise necessary to achieve desired synergies.

We conduct meticulous market, competitor, industry, and value chain research and analyses to ensure that each deal is implemented with the appropriate due diligence processes to reduce and avoid risk. Each step in the integration process is thoroughly evaluated to identify risk factors, alternatives, drivers, and restraints. PSC Investments will help you formulate a customized approach that clearly defines benchmarks and goals with a focus on key drivers and communication to ensure your merger or acquisition success.


Companies divest for a variety of reasons; let PSC Investments help you achieve your end goal. Whether it be to generate cash, enhance stability, re-focus resources, or ensure regulatory compliance, our team will shorten the negotiation time-frame while mitigating value destruction to get the desired result for your company. We help both buyers and sellers conduct preparatory due diligence to identify risks, alternatives, sale parameters, and potential concerns so that both sides are thoroughly prepared. We help prepare preliminary and closing financial and operational information as well as all aspects of the contract and negotiation process and regulatory filings. By developing a clear plan with realistic benchmarks and objective analyses, we streamline the negotiation process to save time, increase buyer confidence, and help you get the desired price for the sale.

Licensing & Partnerships

Bringing a new product from conception to market in the pharmaceutical industries is a laborious process – one that involves millions of dollars and extensive resource commitments to R&D and clinical trials over an average of eight years or more. At PSC Investments we help you mitigate these costs and bring your product to market faster by offering services to boost your success rate when in- or out-licensing technologies and patents. We help companies generate funds, mitigate risk factors, increase potential profits, resolve pipeline issues, and access new or expanded markets while reducing the overall time and cost of getting to market. We provide extensive due diligence, research, and analytics for both sides of licensing and partnership agreements to ensure a quick, fair negotiation process.

Creating new networks in expanded markets is both resource- and cost-intensive. We provide our clients with a competitive advantage by utilizing our standing relationships with venture capitalists, angel investors, and business development professionals worldwide. We can source, facilitate, and cultivate business-to-business relationships by using our vast network of life science clients, allies, and partners in order to find the ideal candidate.

Sales, Marketing, & Distribution

Globalizing trends have increased industry needs to lower distribution costs while expanding market shares and sales potential. By leveraging our extensive network of life science contacts we are able to meet your distribution needs within and between Asia and the United States. We provide all the necessary tools to get your product to market – including identification of best-in-class technology for manufacturing capabilities, evaluation of existing plants and equipment, and application of due diligence for technology selection, outsourcing, and licensing. Clients can contract or partner with our US-based CMO for fill-finish sterile manufacturing services. PSC Investments also provides sales and marketing support for our clients in new or expanded markets while improving on current market shares.